Thoughts On Zone Conference

January 28, 2011

on my mission right now as im typing this in a small country called Swaziland right next to south Africa. here in Swaziland it is a kingdom a monarchy run by king swati a man with many many wives, and he gets a new one every year at a traditional dance where the women dance topless for him. the missionaries however are under the reign of 2 kings, one being king swati and the other being the mission president. and its ridiculous to watch and see how guilty missionaries make themselves. Ive only been out five months and before i came out the mission had a different mission president and i hear a lot of good things about how he had a very positive attitude to everything and his focus was to love the missionaries i cant get specific because i never knew the guy but i hear he wasn’t to strict and allowed the missionaries to enjoy themselves. now we have a new mission president and all Ive known of him since Ive been on my mission is that he wanted stats to be up. we receive pressure alot on stats if our stats arent good we arent good. all i hear about in our meetings is white handbook obedience preached over and over. my motto is just that the only real pressure i should feel should be coming from the holy ghost. but unfortunately most missionaries dont see things the same. some missionaries have responded to this by becoming more rebellious to the rules but then in turn making themselves more guilty. they throw themselves into a vicious cycle of first anger over change, then rebellion and then later fear then guilt then so called “repentence” and then obedience with exactness, and then either back to anger or just guilt for the rest of thier mission. luckily i have an older brother who was able to help open my eyes before i went on mission so i dont really worship my leaders like the rest of the group so i feel guilt free. a month ago was zone conference and that was ok I guess. I had some problems with it really bothers me to see how badly missionaries aspire to have a calling in a leadership position and before zone conference we all got chastised at a district meeting and they told us we needed to all get haircuts and make sure we wear our suits because the mission president is coming. The way it sounds is “make sure you have a nice hair cut and a nice suit for the business meeting because if you don’t the president won’t consider you for a promotion.” It bothers me that the way they run things is so business like. If Christ was coming he wouldn’t give two cents about how my hair is cut or whether or not I’m wearing a suit. In fact I think he would be bothered by the fact that I’m wearing a suit and tie and I go to an area where people can’t even afford to buy maze meal for their children, or fix their roof that has so many holes in it. I’m also bothered by the way that the word faith has morphed to mean the same thing as the word ambition. Here are some quotes from the zone conference.

“The most important aspect of missionary work is setting goals and planning”

“Planning is the only way that our work will ever progress”

“Don’t rely on your brain it fails you too much; rely on the manual”

“the better we plan the better missionaries will be”

“Were trying to have more manageable areas. We are trying to combine logic with management with the inspiration that goes into transfers.”

“But every man fared in this life according to the management of the creature; therefore every man prospered according to his genius, and that every man conquered according to his strength”

o sorry that last ones not from the zone conference that’s from korohor but can you see where I’m going with this is the way our culture has gone I get up every morning and dress in the clothes of the business man and I’m told how to manage every second of my day up by 6:30 exercising then breakfast 8:00 Personal study 9:00 companionship study 10:15 out of the boarding to appointments. Spend at least 1 to 2 hours tracing every day be in at 9. Planning from 9 to 9:30, and were actually told not to go to sleep until 10:30 and then no later than 10:30. We have an 82 page handbook of rules that we are told if we don’t follow we will not be able to have the companionship of the spirit. And in listening to the sacrament prayers having the spirit with you seems to be alot simpler than they make it sound. Every day I see missionaries who have reduced their religion to those rules. All it does is breed self righteous pride in the witch people aspire to callings and ignore the whole point of their mission. Wich is to “invite others to come unto Christ” instead they just wish to “invite others to come unto the rules” this is from our own bible dictionary I hope that you can see the parallels

Pharisees –

A religious party among the Jews. The name denotes separatists. They prided themselves on their strict observance of the law, and on the care with which they avoided contact with things gentile. Their belief included the doctrine of immortality and resurrection of the body and the existence of angels and spirits. They upheld the authority of oral tradition as of equal value with the written law. The tendency of their teaching was to reduce religion to the observance of a multiplicity of ceremonial rules, and to encourage self-sufficiency and spiritual pride. They were a major obstacle to the reception of Christ and the gospel by the Jewish people. For the Lord’s judgment on them and their works see Matt. 23; Mark 7; Luke 11:37–54.

Hugh nibley put it this way and I like the way that he says it because it is so true.

“ “If you love me,” said the Greatest of all leaders, “you will keep my commandments.” “If you know what is good for me,” says the manager, “you will keep my commandments, and not make waves.” That is why the rise of management always marks the decline of culture.”


Isaiah 28:8

January 28, 2011

For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean.
There are only so many times a young person can sit in a Sunday school class and hear the same lesson over and over until one starts to question that their must be something more to all of this. turns out there is so this site is for people who are tired of the vomit and have started to realize that their is something more…much much more. but why!? why is the question we must ask why? why are they not teaching anything that i can learn from? being on mission you hear the phrase used “they have been taught everything” when talking of investigators. and to often with our dogmatic one way about it viewpoints we put ourselves into that same category, “we have been taught everything.” The LDS church is great and essential to prepare people to receive the deeper and more meaningful facets of the gospel. It is not the point of this site to tear it down. but the fact of the matter is that many who unite themselves with the religion at some time or another fall into worshiping, the organization, and those who lead the organization. the whole point of this site really is just my excuse to get things off my chest and into the open where a constructive discussion can be had on a number of different topics starting with missionary work……