“Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?”

October 17, 2011

This is a post that i have wanted to do for a very long time but just havent got the time to sit at a compluter and type it all out. Moses was comanded buy god to remove his shoes when he was standing near the burning bush. the way i read into the significance of  that is very much influeced by an experiece that i have had.

  “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;”

1 tim 4: 1-2


In my high school years I became very involved in running cross country and track. towards the end of my junior year running  started to become a huge part of my life, I looked foreward to races like I child looks forward to christmas. It was the most important part of my life. Every week in school I would sit in class with a blank stare just daydreaming about the upcoming race, and the weekends race always determined my attitude for the next week. If I did I would be on top of the world all week. But if I did bad I would be very serious contemplating what i had done wrong to fix it at the next weekend race. I was addicted, and the dedication was paying off. Towards the end of my senior cross country reason i got an e mail from a college asking me to come run for them, I was the happiest kid alive my dream had come true I didn’t have to quit running after high school. Now anyone who knows anything about being a good distance runner knows the importance of running heavy mileage every week. And anyone who knows anything about running heavy mileage every week knows that the shoes you wear are very important. In high school my training was pretty low mileage but I would buy shoes like a pro, analyzing every detail, and reading every review getting advice  from all the experts, and I never once had an injury problem, but keep in mind I was not running really high mileage. When i got into college it was a totally different story training was serious and I was expected to run between 70 and 100 miles a week every week for the whole season. With the up in mileage shoe choice became more important than ever. I was wearing pretty normal running shoes for the first half of my freshman year and everything was fine I stayed relatively injury free. But at the beginning of the second half of the year disaster struck and i got one of the worst injures I had ever had. I had what called plantar faciaitis. I couldnt even walk a definitely couldnt go on a ten-mile run. It was terrible i had to watch my teammates succeed in practice while I sat in the sidelines. One day after practice I was so depressed i broke down and started to cry like a baby. The one thing I enjoyed most was taken from me I fell to my knees and started to offer up a prayer asking god to heal me. . . It didn’t happen. So because I lacked the faith to be healed I asked him to at least show me what I needed to do to be healed. . . Still nothing. So I decided to ask my physical therapist what to do. His answer was to keep coming to physical therapy 2 times a week and get fitted for some custom orthotics I did what the doc said and kept coming in and eventually I got the new orthotics. When those came in i started running again. . . My foot still was not 100 percent but I could run. Then I had am idea that just to play it safe I would buy new shoes just to play it safe with the new shoes and orthotics. I bought the most high-tech asics motion control shoes on the market so 800 dollars and a month later i was running again. It all seemed ok for about a week, then I started to feel pain in different places than the foot mainly in my knee, and this pain was worse than the pain i had had in my foot.

My whole world was falling apart because of these injuries and the expert advice only made it hurt worse. I spent the whole night laying awake in bed worried and feeling sorry for myself, just hoping and praying that I would be able to run again soon. I woke up the next morning and had a feeling it was going t be a great day. I decided I would go down to the park and try running again before I gave up completely. I laced up my high tech shoes and drove to the park. As I stepped out of the car the grass just looked so inviting. I started running and about 400 meters into it the pain shot up my right leg worse than ever. I fell on the ground frustrated and slightly angry, I ripped the shoes off my feet and threw them both as far as I could. As I stood up I looked over at my shoes which were about 50 meters away from me and after my leg stopped hurting i decided to jog over and pick them up. As I ran over to shoes barefoot it felt different. The pain was still there but it was going away rather than getting worse so I picked up my shoes and kept running back to the car. By the time i got to the car the pain was no longer there so I dropped off the shoes and decided to go for a little run without them. I ran about two miles and felt better and more comfortable than I had in several months.  The next day my calves were super sore but this was not a bad pain like the other pains it was a growing pain. I could feel that I was getting stronger whereas the pain i got from the shoes only made me weak.

 Over the next few months I eased into running in more minimal footwear. The less shoe between me and the road the better became my motto. Some mornings were painfully sore but every day I could feel myself running faster and with better form than I had ever had before. Running became something ten times more enjoyable I felt free smooth and fast. Running is going to be a lifetime sport for me and thanks to this experience ive gained  more than just a new perspective on running but a new perspective on life. Most of the shoes I was buying before were had some sort of motion control to fix what was supposedly wrong with me. All of them had at least an inch of material in the heel to protect my foot from the pavement. And all of them made my feet feel heavy. The shoes were what controlled my running form if I didn’t run they way they wanted to me I would get hurt. The shoes were supposed to make me  better runner by dictating my stride but ultimately I was just putting my unbroken feet in a cast.

there are a ton of morals i could pull form this little life experience but i will just try a couple and let you figure out the rest.

we all have grown up in a society that seems like it wants the best for us. just like the people at the store who were offering me all sorts of  things that they thought would be best for me we are surrounded every day by people who are more than willing to influence our thought patters so that we think and believe what is best for us. Parents, friends, and ecleziasticle leaders all have their belief systems that stems mostly from what they were told their entire life. These beliefes ultimatly shape your beliefes and how you will look at anything that you see or hear. all of  these accumulated notions tend to inflece personal responses to othe incoming influences. we can often become unreceptive to the influence of god becuse the influence of  man is far to prevalent. This is a big problem with many people both in and outside of the church today. Many have become afraid to make thier own decisions or form thier own belief all because a few people they dont even know have said something about it already so that must be the way it must be. We dont claim to have any creeds but ask any missionarry a question about a certain topic and he will give you the creed. i guess the point of this post is just to encourage whoever reads it to take off their shoes ( preconcieved notions) dont listen to what your told just because them who told you are in charge. jesus died to make men holy let us live to make men FREE! free to think free to chose, free to tell your leader he is wrong when he is. you are free you are man made in the image of god, start acting like it and quit being man who makes other men in the image of god.

“I cannot believe in any of the creeds of the different denominations, because they all have some things in them I cannot subscribe to, though all of them have some truth. I want to come up into the presence of God, and learn all things; but the creeds set up stakes, and say, ‘Hitherto shalt thou come, and no further; which I cannot subscribe to.” -joseph smith


5 Responses to ““Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?””

  1. Rob said

    Alright, this is the first post I’ve read on your blog and it’s great.
    A little background…since having kids I’ve become a lot more granola/hippy. After going to Hawaii and seeing my boys wear shoes only once in 10 days things changed. It was at the same time as many other beliefs about human nature were being changed. Anyways, my boys 4 and 3 yrs old almost never wear shoes now, even though they have several pairs of shoes each. They don’t want to and I love it. They make fun of me and say, “dad, you always wear shoes,” in a degrading tone. Sometimes I wear them places and my oldest boy asks me why. I tell him, I’m just a wuss sometimes but that he is awesome.
    “Many have become afraid to make thier own decisions or form thier own belief…”

    Like you say, it relates to much of our life and the way we live. The book “Inner Victory” is a great one. It deals with what you talk about in this post. Here is a link to a blog I just found in googling “belief window.” I am going to do a more in depth post on my blog about it, but you should check out this link for a basic idea of what it is.

    I’ll quit rambling and read some more of your posts.

  2. Rob said

    actually, here’s a better post on the belief window…

  3. well done brother!

    Barefoot in life, that our running might mirror life and life to mirror meditation.

  4. […] we all have things that were passed, like apes, from one generation to us.  Those things we believe to be advancement may be in reality the very chains that bind us down.  For… Odd how I always felt the need to wear shoes to run, when eternities of humans have run support […]

  5. dallon j said

    keep your feet free from the meddling influence of those who are looking to make a profit. god makes our bodies the way they are meant to be. just like our souls, if someone is looking to make a buck off you, its a hustle. god gives everything away “without money and without price”

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