whats your religion?

January 27, 2012

A well ironed shirt, a silky tie, and a black name tag bearing the name of a hypocrite. The tag bares 2 names actually, one of the hypocrite, the other is a sacred name that has been defiled and used by the hypocrite as a shield. The shield defends against anyone who may have a valid point against the hypocrite or his religion. The hypocrite claims his religion comes fully equipt with living prophets and apostles who will never lead him astray. He calls them the church. He says things like “the church teaches…” “the church’s stand on this is …” And “the church is true” he has no part in the decisions that “the church” makes neither does he want a part. Why should he? after all “the church is true” and “the church will never lead him astray” after all life is much easier that way. And thus many give the church thier free agency.

The latin root of the word religion means to bind. The main purpose of religion being to bind ones will to the will of god. But when we reclesly assume that another man knows the will of god 100 percent of the time we bind ourselves to that man. “Cursed I’d he that puteth has trust in man, or maketh flesh his arm” (2 nephi 28:31) god would have us bound to him by love and understanding. But men wish to bind you to them through power and authority.

“Shake off the chains of him that would bind you fast” (2 nephi 9:45) one day the hypocrite will be confronted with the contrast between what he thinks is religion is and what his religion really is. At this crucial point in his life if he choses to take back his agency he will be broken hearted, because he will realize that he has been fooled soo deeply by satan. Ths will cause true sorrow even to the point of tears. I know for me it did. But at this point when it feels like all has been lost; when the heart is truly broken, the atonement of christ will finally be allowed to take effect. “Behold he offereth himself a sacrifice for sin, to answer the ends of the law, unto all those who have a broken heart and a contrite spirit;and unto none else can the ends of the law be answered.”(2 nephi 2:7)

We all go to the same building on sunday to worship. But its obvious that some are of a different religion than others. After all there are only two churches. So take some time and think about it, what’s your religion?


8 Responses to “whats your religion?”

  1. I’m digging your blog.

  2. Your idea here of that name tag being used as a shield is an intriguing one. thanks for the thoughts. my two cents;
    Its the truth to a good degree that men hide behind their titles, the ‘authority’ in order to accomplish things. This name-tag of some sort of authority, be it an elder, a member of the ‘true’ church or a law degree, is their shield with which they guard themselves. It’s virtue is the thing that they rely on to win an argument, to make an argument, or simply to be on the right side. Because they are of some elite fraternity, at least in their minds, if they just stay in line they will always be right. This is the pride of the false traditions of our fathers.

    Lets contrast the name-tag shield of pride which people hide behind with this verse in Abraham;

    “And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

    Funny how Satan commands us to put the apron on, and we keep it on….

    Oh that we could all be humble enough to be brought low enough to be one with Christ, thus having nothing to hide behind! are we naked before the world, or does our idolatry require a shield of some sort to keep itself erect? What things do we hide behind?


    thanks and god speed brother.

    • Its interesting to me to hear hypocrites go on and on about how people we meet use their church as a shield to block the missionaries from coming in their door, and at the same time they use the title “the true church” to block discussion over obvious changes that “the true church” has undergone.

      Or better yet when a leader makes a stupid decision; rather than question the validity of said leader’s “inspiration”, they just grit their teeth close their eyes and say “the church is true” so rather than getting a revolution We get an immediate dissolution of any rebellious thought. Nothing like illusion to build your testimony upon. Jeremiah made a good point when he said: “they have taught their tongue to speak lies” -jer 9:5 testimony meeting is so bland sometimes because the testimony are on influenced by “that spirit which hath so strongly riveted the creeds of the fathers, upon the hearts of the children” Sometimes I sit there in testimony meeting and it seems to be a sort of a contest to whose shackles are on the tightest.

      And I’ve seen the seed get planted time and again by our dear missionaries in a phrase worded something like this; “if you know that the book of mormon is true and that joseph smith was a prophet of god, then that means that EVERYTHING the church teaches is true”

      “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

  3. by the way, you’ve been writing for a year?!

  4. Rob said

    Mormon 9:5 For behold, when ye shall be brought to see your nakedness before God, and also the glory of God, and the holiness of Jesus Christ, it will kindle a flame of unquenchable fire upon you.

    I just read this today during my lunch a couple hours ago then I read your comments. It’s cool because I put a question mark next to the verse and wanted to figure it out but couldn’t get a whole lot during my lunch. To me, this is a great application.

    Like you guys have said, these are just coverings. It’s too bad we don’t question ourselves more often about what are we covering and what we are covering ourselves with.

  5. Toni said

    I’m going through your posts, having never read them before today, and I see in this post a reiteration of the fact that, if you haven’t seen Denver’s blog, you would very much like it. (I left the link on the first post I commented on today.)

    The church is very much Jesus’ church, but not because we/they act like it. He has promised to do some serious house-cleaning.

    • yep i have been reading the snuffer for about 2 years now, gotta love that guy.

      • Toni said

        I just read your response to my other comment; I thought I’d comment to both here, since I brought up Brother Snuffer in both.

        He IS awesome, isn’t he? He tells it like it is even though some people rage against him.

        I’m reading Passing the Heavenly Gift for the second time, this time to see what it is I am doing to distance myself from God. Sobering book.

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