The idea of creation

October 17, 2012

The idea of creation has been one that has baffled human beings for as long as history can date. Those who endeavor to understand it properly can discover a common understanding and partake in something which all beings have in common. At this point you are probably wondering  what is this thing who understand it and why does it even matter, but if you bear with me we will take a journey that will explain to you the reader the mind of I, the typist.  My language may seem a little unconventional throughout the course of this text as my challenge will be to put the allegorical understanding of an ancient text into modern terms.

Understanding any text as it is put can be either a matter of how you perceived it or it can be a matter of how the writer understood it. But ultimately the ideas credit should be received by its original author. So because of this my position will be to explain the creation story of the bible upon an allegorical level so that the reader can view how I understood what the original author wrote. My personal opinion however will never be an answer to the meaning of the creation story itself because of the fact that I woke up a different person than you did this morning, or I guess you could say that you woke up a different person than me. But in the end we will see that people, this world, and everything that is in a state of being works in harmony because of the fact that relationships work upon the definition they are given by the individual.

True to their name upon reading the creation story, a well learned and self-proclaimed“Christian” will often see this story upon only a literal level of understanding, which understanding I as a being can see the merit in. But upon reading the creation allegory of the bible I am able to understand life upon multiple levels of understanding; this is because it teaches an idea that plays upon the definition of our words. Within these chapters I am able to find two major cycles of creation, and upon a social economic level these cycles play out in our everyday lives upon a regular basis.

For example the creation story begins with the word God, which many believe is an external being upon which we can base our moral decisions, while this may be true this will not be the topic I will undertake to prove. But for the sake of revealing the truth I believe it is of utmost importance to understand yourself and your personal insecurities before you can make a judgment about the rank or placement of any external beings level of intelligence, regardless of the name of this being. Upon this level of understanding your ego is a model of comparison.

The next creative cycle in this story is told beginning with the creation of man, and so begins the course of human history, if you subscribe to a literal understanding of the creation of the man Adam which is a valid concept. But my position will be to display the introspective understanding of who the man Adam is. This man is meant to represent I and the cycles of decision I as a man, or woman for that matter, will pass through every day. This cycle begins at the geneses of your consciousness. And I begin to become when I am born, because I am in the act of being. I have been given a name but you will never be able to define who I am unless you can understand what I am being. Now this can be taken either way, if you understand who I am being and I understand who I am being we will most probably both see me as being a good thing.

These two stories I believe, represent our understanding of reality upon a level so that we can gain perspective for the future life ahead. For example out Adams rib was formed eve who is deceived by Satan who is supposedly a natural snake. Can you see the fallacy in that? I as the reader must see that each character implies something about my Identity as Adam.  When am I as the Reader going to stop playing the blame game as a person? This is a major lesson that is taught in the creation story.

            The creation itself no matter how it was done is a parable in itself that is another message of this story. is one of the most beautifully written stories in mankind, there are  many of these type’s of story’s that are littered throughout all of human cultures; all of which are symbols of the balance and perfection that hold together the chaos and deception, which in turn is the process of chaos and creation. The Hebrews call this a chiastic structure one that is based upon opposites this is the motif that makes the world go round.

            This can easily be mistaken as a pessimisticpoint of view but I like to see it as a transcendent way to experience the individual reality of life. For if there is no good then there is no bad and if there is no death their must not be life. But the experience is to know that within the last sentence I wrote I misunderstood the meaning of life. And so we begin our creation, upon the basis of religion. Doomed to be littered with wars and rumors of wars. And it was all just a big misunderstanding.


4 Responses to “The idea of creation”

  1. zo-ma-rah said

    GREAT! I loved this. But it is far too short. Any more?

  2. BRAVO!

    “relationships work upon the definition they are given by the individual.”

    This is why some have seen God and others have not. This is why some have seen God as this and others have seen God as that. But all have seen God and while they fail to realize and recognize God in all they fail to grasp God at all.

    “It is of utmost importance to understand yourself and your personal insecurities before you can make a judgment about the rank or placement of any external beings level of intelligence, regardless of the name of this being. Upon this level of understanding your ego is a model of comparison.”

    Without intimate knowledge of self there is not intimate knowledge of “others”. And without intimate, even biblical knowledge there is only misunderstanding. The theory of emanation is helpful only in as much as there is connection between what we perceive as levels. But always we must remember that a Hierarchy is nothing without a lowerarchy and in fact what we see appear above ground during our waking hours is only a continuance of the life force of the roots.

    There is no problem in identifying an organized flow from One Source.But can we honestly say that the One Source is located here or there? Even when correctly identifying a locus of power and admitting the sensation of omnipotence we feel emanating from it, we are mistaken if we think we have found The Throne of God. In our worship of that great fount we will loose sight of the rest of God and worst of all, doom ourselves to forever experience God from afar.

    Confusion will forever darken the mind who does not see the Ends of the Law as a source in of itself and one and the same with the source from whence it seems to have inherited and to which it obviously supplies a power for continuance. All is One.

    “out Adams rib was formed eve who is deceived by Satan who is supposedly a natural snake. Can you see the fallacy in that?”

    Through assuming that we know the reasons for happenings in our waking lives, or that one can even be privy to an understanding of the roots (causes) while still remaining above ground “leaves” us “lofty branches” very prone to error. If the male tendency of the Left Brain to never admit to being lost is not checked by cooperation with the Divinely Feminine Sofia (Wisdom). If Neo fails to consult the Oracle, approaching as He does in the movie, with not so much a well thought out question but a child like openness and curiousness….then O-n-e (N-e-o) is not in a position to judge.

    Adam wrongfully assumes that the woman came after him only because “he” was not around before his “self” emerged and therefore has no idea what truly preceded the creation of Eve’s body or his own. We see the plant that springs forth out of Mother Earth but we are not familiar with what goes on inside the Dark Mother unless we dig, delve and dive into Her Dark Matter.

    I am going to write more about this, now that I have been inspired by your writing here. And I hope to inspire you to discover and write more “soon” as you promised Zo’. We are both looking forward to it.

    One Love Elder.

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