A Wild Man

October 20, 2013

A crazy man they say he is.
Heard the voice he said he did.
A crazy man they said again.
Voice that came just as the wind.
A Wild man they came to see.
A wild soulful shout believe!
That’s all he said now plain and simple.
The wild man he did resemble.
With hair like snakes and words on fire.
He made me whole I was a liar.
I love that man who heard a voice.
He came from there to give me choice.
The crowd came close for want of bread.
He said the hungers in the head.
One 3rd part left because of greed.
2 thirds stayed just out of need.
And one percent they did believe.
To them the man impart gift.
To make them in the next a rift.
Set as a tear the servants be.
To find the one percent believe.
Voice is god and god is voice.
And god of love is god of choice.
So speak the words that bring the light.
So speak the words and stop the fight.


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